Mountain bike riding is one of the “funnest” thing to do on a holiday especially. It could be very unpredictable too! To make your mountain bike day trips or evening rides run smoothly and keep you bouncing along the trails you need the right accessories. These accessories could really make your mountain bikes for big guys time worthwhile, as anything could really go wrong on those heights, and the last thing you would want is to get stranded amidst the fun, not knowing what to do or how to go about it.


Safety is always the first thing you should have in mind before embarking on mountain biking! Always take lights along, regardless of how bright the weather might seem the time you set out. Out on the trails and up in the hills, the weather can change quite immediately and without warning. This is when lights keep you safe not only for you to see your way, but also to keep you visible to others. How much fun biking can be, we never seem to want to stop, even when it is getting dark. Having a source of light can give you that extra time you crave. Don’t let it pass you by. These light sources can be mounted anywhere convenient on your bike, and most come with an emergency battery saving feature which would alert you, and now, you know it is really time to go home.


These can get you out of a mess in a hurry. They are fantastic to have on your bike ride. Whether you are tubeless or tubed, an inflator is a quick easy fix to repairing a flat tyre and a must carry on your bike ride.


Anything can go wrong when you are out on the trails. Your tyres could get punctures and your chains could snap. It’s life, right? It can happen at any time, anywhere. Your saddle bag should carry important tools you could use to fix the problem like a multitool, chain-link, innertube, chain tool. The saddle bag is awesome as it has plenty of room for storing all essentials. Some have the bonus of a built-in 17-piece tool kit. Some also have a rain cover the protect your tools from getting wet.


There is no worse feeling than getting your back wet. It’s cold and uncomfortable and can lead to soreness. And since you will really be riding on the muds, they will make way into your shorts. A mud guard would keep you dry and enjoy your ride even more. The quick release fastening helps in making it very convenient and quick to use.


It is very important to stay hydrated. Not only that, get prepared because biking can take the whole day. So, whether you are just nipping out for a spin or on the bike for the day, a hydration pack is necessary. A suggestion would be Camelbak for mountain biking.


Mountain biking is fun and could have a lot of mishaps too. Take the above 5, and you will be just fine. There are other accessories too, but these are the ones we deemed very important.