How to Climb and Descend on a Mountain Bike?

All the components of good technique come into play when climbing and descending hills on your hill mountain bikes for big guys. Here are some techniques to help you to get up and down the hill–not only unchanged, but also with style and sophistication.

Climbing Hills on the Mountain Bike

Body position: Keep yourself loose on the cycle, knees and elbows bent to help you remain responsive to the terrain.

Where to look: Keep eyes centered about 10 to 15 feet ahead of you on the path so that you see the upcoming ground changes and hurdles and make modifications as needed.  See more about the Hardtail mountain bike.

How to use your gears?                      

Choosing the correct gear for the path ahead of you can be challenging initially; remember to look forward and anticipate what you will encounter. If you are getting close a climb, shift to a less strenuous products as you strike the bottom of the climb. In the event that you visit a long downhill before you, move to a harder product. Rolling terrain is trickier, but with some practice you will be shifting without even thinking about it.

Descending Hills over a Mountain Bike

Couch position for descending: Descending is where in fact the fun commences and–for beginners–can be the most intimidating. First drop your seating, as you want a whole lot of clearance between your butt and the seat. This lets you respond to the varied landscape more easily, and helps you avoid getting bucked if you strike an unexpected bump and the chair comes slamming upward. Some Hardtail mountain bike come with a “dropper post” which allows you to adapt the seat height on the soar via a remote lever on the handlebars.

Body position for descending: Keep your body low to the bike and position yourself very well back so that your butt is almost suspended over the trunk, wheel; make sure you are not sitting down and that your knees are bent. Allowing the motorcycle take the brunt of the ground you encounter and also keeps your weight back again, reducing your possibility of exceeding the handlebars. See more.

How to braking system:

Braking should be regular and controlled; almost all of your braking vitality originates from your front brake but getting a handful of entrance brake will send you over the bars. Instead, gently apply the brakes, and do so evenly on leading and back brakes again. When getting close a flip, brake before you strike the turn, and then let your momentum take you through.

Improving Your Downhill Technique

Descending over boulders or drop-offs can be an advanced technique and really should be attempted only by experienced riders. If you’re experienced and sense confident, all the overall rules apply, except with greater emphasis:

  • Lean in the past, with the sofa behind your saddle.
  • Keep your elbows bent and body low.

Depend on both brakes, but largely on your rear brake, as you may want to release leading to provide more momentum.

Lastly, mountain Motorcycle Etiquette Includes, control your velocity, always produce right-of-way to cyclists visiting uphill. Always give a polite “on your left” whenever you go another cyclist. Always give right of way to horses, hikers and joggers. Check out this site:

How to Clean and Lubricate Your Mountain Bike Chain

If you are a cyclist or you own a mountain bike then you definitely need a mountain bike chain lubricant, you know how hard the chain rings works. Each time we press the pedal that pushes the engine forward, the chain always operates under high voltage. First of all, the chain is an important part of the bike.

Understand your bike chain

You must know that it will go on time. Since it is a mechanical component, you must maintain it. There are three parts of the chain, namely the inner plate, chain pin and the outer plate. The pin is responsible for fixing the inner and outer plates, creating a long chain. In addition to the movement of the front and rear movements, it also has lateral movements. This is also known as lateral movement. You need a link. After a long use, the chain is extended. The increased extension also increases lateral movement (which affects movement).

How to extend the life of the chain

Clean the chain regularly. Of course, it depends on where you bike. Cyclists usually need more time to pull the rope. Use a cleaning brush and water mixed with detergents (or a degreasing agent). Tighten the gears so that the chain has the largest sprocket (most sprockets). Place the brush on the bottom of the chain and slide it with your hands. In case of stubborn dirt, use a screwdriver.

However, you also need to make sure the sprocket the chain runs on is clean. Therefore, use a toothbrush to clean the teeth of the sprocket. After you are done with cleaning your chain and sprocket teeth, you should always dry them with a cloth or rag. This keeps moisture out. In most cases, the chain and sprocket is made from steel. Keeping the moisture out will prevent rust. Why it seems important that you consider taking adequate care of your bike chain is so it does do not disappoint you when you need it the most and there is high tendency that the chain life span will be elongated.

How and when you should lubricate your chain?

Lubrication is key. Lubrication can prevent rust and other dirt problems. But only lubricate a clean chain. There is no point in lubricating a dirty chain. At least, do a quick wipe before lubricating it, if you cannot afford a full cleaning session. Experienced riders like to lube their chain one night before heading out for rides. Position the lube on the inner side of the chain and pedal backwards slowly. Make sure each roller gets lubricated. During the next morning, you should wipe off any excess from the outer plates.


Generally, you would want to get a mountain bike chain lubricant. This is especially true if you need to use your bike for a very long duration or muddy conditions. As for dry lubricants, they tend to flake off with usage and do not stay as long as wet lubes. Therefore, dry lubes are only suitable for dusty environments. This is because dry lubes and dust do not mix together.

Best Gifts for People Who Love to Mountain Bike

Have you ever had an event to go to where you were expected to give a gift to the host but you really had no idea what to get the person? I have definitely been in this situation more than once and have started to become much better at figuring out what to get people. The best way to start is to think about what things remind you of this person. Is there a certain TV show, game, or activity that you like to do together, or they like to do on their own? Do they have a lot of one kind of art in their home and maybe really appreciate a certain artist or type of artwork? These are all great ideas for getting your mind going. The next challenge is thinking about what you can get this person that fits within the theme of what you came up with. This is where my struggle begins. Sometimes, I can figure out what the person is into right away, but it may be some obscure thing that I have no knowledge about. I had this happen recently when someone who invited me to their milestone birthday party was really into mountain biking. I had to go through a lot to figure out what types of things would be great to get for someone who likes mountain bike, but here is what I came up with.

Filtered Water Bottle

If you are doing any sport that is in the outdoors you want to make sure you keep hydrated. Anyone who runs or bikes often can tell you that it can be difficult to carry enough water with you. In some cases, you are running or biking in the wilderness so there is not anywhere you can stop to buy fresh water. This is where a filtered water bottle can come in handy. You can essentially stop at any water source, whether it is a stream or a faucet for a hose, and fill your water bottle without worrying that the water is contaminated. You could go the extra mile and get them one that keeps their water cold as well.

Stickers for Their Bike

If you know anyone who loves mountain biking, they probably have a bike that they love just as much. Most mountain bikers try to make their bike different from everyone else’s so they can recognize it easily and it will stand out. The most common way for people to do this is by adding stickers or decals to the frame of their bikes. You can get some great stickers at Hot Topic or other stores that sell this type of thing. You may need to know what type of music or bike company they support before buying them stickers, but you could also give them a gift card.

A Multipurpose Tool

Anyone who bikes enough knows that something is bound to break at some point. This is where a multipurpose bike tool comes in handy. You can find great options online depending on how much you are looking to spend.