How to Clean and Lubricate Your Mountain Bike Chain

If you are a cyclist or you own a mountain bike then you definitely need a mountain bike chain lubricant, you know how hard the chain rings works. Each time we press the pedal that pushes the engine forward, the chain always operates under high voltage. First of all, the chain is an important part of the bike.

Understand your bike chain

You must know that it will go on time. Since it is a mechanical component, you must maintain it. There are three parts of the chain, namely the inner plate, chain pin and the outer plate. The pin is responsible for fixing the inner and outer plates, creating a long chain. In addition to the movement of the front and rear movements, it also has lateral movements. This is also known as lateral movement. You need a link. After a long use, the chain is extended. The increased extension also increases lateral movement (which affects movement).

How to extend the life of the chain

Clean the chain regularly. Of course, it depends on where you bike. Cyclists usually need more time to pull the rope. Use a cleaning brush and water mixed with detergents (or a degreasing agent). Tighten the gears so that the chain has the largest sprocket (most sprockets). Place the brush on the bottom of the chain and slide it with your hands. In case of stubborn dirt, use a screwdriver.

However, you also need to make sure the sprocket the chain runs on is clean. Therefore, use a toothbrush to clean the teeth of the sprocket. After you are done with cleaning your chain and sprocket teeth, you should always dry them with a cloth or rag. This keeps moisture out. In most cases, the chain and sprocket is made from steel. Keeping the moisture out will prevent rust. Why it seems important that you consider taking adequate care of your bike chain is so it does do not disappoint you when you need it the most and there is high tendency that the chain life span will be elongated.

How and when you should lubricate your chain?

Lubrication is key. Lubrication can prevent rust and other dirt problems. But only lubricate a clean chain. There is no point in lubricating a dirty chain. At least, do a quick wipe before lubricating it, if you cannot afford a full cleaning session. Experienced riders like to lube their chain one night before heading out for rides. Position the lube on the inner side of the chain and pedal backwards slowly. Make sure each roller gets lubricated. During the next morning, you should wipe off any excess from the outer plates.


Generally, you would want to get a mountain bike chain lubricant. This is especially true if you need to use your bike for a very long duration or muddy conditions. As for dry lubricants, they tend to flake off with usage and do not stay as long as wet lubes. Therefore, dry lubes are only suitable for dusty environments. This is because dry lubes and dust do not mix together.

The Anatomy of Mountain Bike Wheels

Whether you are buying a hardtail mountain bike or a different style, you want to ensure the wheels are top class and in good order. Mountain biking is very popular but it goes through a lot of rough terrain and the wheels must be able to stand up to the force. It’s all about speed and you need to ensure your wheels are able to handle that and more. So, what do you need to know about the anatomy of mountain bike wheels?

Why The Wheels Need To Be Best?

Remember, when you are using a mountain bike, you are going to be going through tough trails and the conditions on the rough will be sometimes very rocky and uneven. What’s more, you are going to be using a lot of speed so the wheels need to be at their best in order for the rider to get through the trail in one piece. Even when you are using an inexpensive mountain bike, the wheels have to be at their very best. Most wheels are between 26 and 29 inches and are wider and often thicker. The reason why is simply because they need to be tougher and stronger since a lot of tough conditions will be tackled. Learn more detailed information at

What Happens If The Wrong Wheels Are Used?

In most cases, when buying mountain bikes from a store, they will be supplied with the right wheels that are sufficient for the task ahead. However, there may come a time when you have to change the wheels over. When this happens, you have to ensure the right replacement wheels are used. If the wrong ones are used it could spell disaster. You might find the bike cannot handle the tough conditions and the brakes may fail on the new wheels. If this happens, you could get seriously hurt. Even when buying a hardtail mountain bike you can get hurt; it’s one of the most important reasons why you have to ensure the right wheels are used always.

Wheels Are Important

couple cyclingA lot of people think that if the bike has a solid frame and two tires, it is all it needs—but it is most certainly not. When it comes to mountain biking, it can be extremely full-on and dangerous to say the least. That is one of the biggest and best reasons to take the time to look at the type of wheels being used and ensure when they are replaced, the suitable ones are used. It will make a major difference and you should always ensure the right wheels are used. Far too many people don’t use the right wheels and accidents happen. When buying an inexpensive mountain bike ensure the right wheels are used. There is no excuse for sloppiness. visit their official website for more updates.

Hit the Ground Running

Sometimes, when you have the right wheels on your mountain bike, you can find the trails are a lot easier in many ways. There is truly no excuse to go ill-prepared and it doesn’t have to take up too much time or effort to double check on your wheels. You will find the right wheels assists more than hinder you! Use the best wheels on a hardtail mountain bike.