Best Gifts for People Who Love to Mountain Bike

Best Gifts for People Who Love to Mountain Bike

Have you ever had an event to go to where you were expected to give a gift to the host but you really had no idea what to get the person? I have definitely been in this situation more than once and have started to become much better at figuring out what to get people. The best way to start is to think about what things remind you of this person. Is there a certain TV show, game, or activity that you like to do together, or they like to do on their own? Do they have a lot of one kind of art in their home and maybe really appreciate a certain artist or type of artwork? These are all great ideas for getting your mind going. The next challenge is thinking about what you can get this person that fits within the theme of what you came up with. This is where my struggle begins. Sometimes, I can figure out what the person is into right away, but it may be some obscure thing that I have no knowledge about. I had this happen recently when someone who invited me to their milestone birthday party was really into mountain biking. I had to go through a lot to figure out what types of things would be great to get for someone who likes mountain bike, but here is what I came up with.

Filtered Water Bottle

If you are doing any sport that is in the outdoors you want to make sure you keep hydrated. Anyone who runs or bikes often can tell you that it can be difficult to carry enough water with you. In some cases, you are running or biking in the wilderness so there is not anywhere you can stop to buy fresh water. This is where a filtered water bottle can come in handy. You can essentially stop at any water source, whether it is a stream or a faucet for a hose, and fill your water bottle without worrying that the water is contaminated. You could go the extra mile and get them one that keeps their water cold as well.

Stickers for Their Bike

If you know anyone who loves mountain biking, they probably have a bike that they love just as much. Most mountain bikers try to make their bike different from everyone else’s so they can recognize it easily and it will stand out. The most common way for people to do this is by adding stickers or decals to the frame of their bikes. You can get some great stickers at Hot Topic or other stores that sell this type of thing. You may need to know what type of music or bike company they support before buying them stickers, but you could also give them a gift card.

A Multipurpose Tool

Anyone who bikes enough knows that something is bound to break at some point. This is where a multipurpose bike tool comes in handy. You can find great options online depending on how much you are looking to spend.

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